Why You Should Choose Metropol For You Next Catering Event

Why You Should Choose Metropol For You Next Catering Event

Whether you are planning a wedding, private party or hosting an event, one of the main services you are looking for is a catering business. Here at Metropol Banquet, we have been serving people delicious and elegant food for many years. Not only do we offer quality dishes, but our staff is also professional, kind and timely.

We can match the personality of any party you are planning; whether ceremonial and quiet, corporate business or a relaxed, private gathering in your home. We will deliver to you and serve guests meals in which they can taste the pride and passion we have for cuisine, in every bite. The cookery your guests indulge in should leave a lasting impression in their minds. When they exit at the end of the event, we seek to ensure they are not left empty-stomached.

We deliver custom–curated food options that will satiate the hunger of any party attendee or office staff. By choosing us at Metropol Banquet, you can rest assured you have hired a punctual and dependable company. We create beautiful dishes and have a variety of mouth-watering flavors, and have everything from four-course meals to family-style buffets. We believe setting an ambiance that fits the desires of your partygoers is crucial to having a great time.

In addition to offering many scrumptious meal options, we like to get to know you as well. We want to know what your priority list entails for the big date, and understand that not every need is the same. Creating your event involves collaborating with your food service company. It is our mission at Metropol Banquet to showcase a piece of you and your style, along with our skills at building a delectable menu.

However, if you prefer to be hands-off and need us to take the reins while you focus on other aspects of the party, that is no problem! We are here to fill in the spaces if the fine details of choosing food options are too stressful. Depending on the party or event, we can build a spread that works perfectly with the type of environment.

Picking a catering company that finds joy in feeding people will add to the atmosphere, and your guests will have a wonderful time eating our dishes! We cook with love and when you are happy, our staff is too. By hiring us at Metropol Banquet versus a lower quality competitor in the area, you will be saving time, money, avoiding a food event fiasco, and boosting guest morale. A full tummy is a delighted tummy! We aim to make sure every single guest is well fed and has a positive experience with us.

We are open daily and can be reached at 818-241-5432 to help with your food service needs. Please call us at your earliest convenience, so we can get started preparing the spices for your entertainment event! We are happy to answer any questions, and can take special requests too. Hope to hear from you soon!

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