Metropol is one of the Latest Banquet Halls in Los Angeles

Welcome to the spectacular Metropol, one of Los Angeles’ latest banquet halls, which started operations in fall 2012. Our ballroom is perfect for wedding receptions, utilizing modern décor to create a unique atmosphere that is elegant, and alluring. Unlike any other Los angeles banquet halls, here is a place were memories are made.

This charming venue features two distinct ballrooms with separate entrances: the Modern and Millennium. If the names don’t give hints about the styles, you will see that the Modern Ballroom is reflective of the contemporary design, as seen on the exterior of the building, with an equally stunning interior. The Millennium Ballroom is a modern, newly-built hall with beautiful drop-framed crystal chandeliers, and an LED-lit, white marble-floored foyer.

Either one of these ballrooms would make an excellent wedding reception venue, depending on your sense of style and the length of your guest list. The Modern Ballroom accommodates 400 guests and is designed for a trendier generation. Meanwhile, the 300-person capacity Millennium Ballroom combines crystal fixtures and modern technology with sophisticated drapery, carpeting and drop-ceiling accents. Request a tour to see both halls and determine for yourself which is preferable to your event.

Metropol: The Perfect Banquet Hall for Social & Corporate Events

Along with being a luxurious and trendy wedding venue, Metropol Banquet Halls in Los Angeles is also a terrific location to host social or corporate events. Our dance floor makes us ideal for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, proms, or engagement parties.

Likewise, our projection screens, seating, sound system, and the food through recommended catering vendors make us a solid choice of venues for corporate events. If you are planning a presentation, seminar, awards banquet, or other business function, consider leaving the office and host it at Metropol.


Modern Ballroom
400 guest capacity. 5,500 sq. ft, with 800 sq. ft. custom lit dance floor, L.E.D. lighting, 2 projection screens, and entertainment stage.
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Millennium Ballroom
300 guest capacity. 3,500 sq. ft., with 600 sq. ft. dance floor, L.E.D. lighting, and entertainment stage. 
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Don't look further! Metropol is amazing! My brother's wedding was held in the Modern Ballroom and Metropol not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Edgar was the team member we worked with. He was very professional and eager to help in accommodating all of our needs.

Metropol's décor is modern, creating an enjoyable and unique ambiance for clients and their guests. We held the ceremony inside the hall, which was very convenient for everyone. Afterwards, our guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the foyer while the staff prepared the ballroom for the reception (took them only 30 minutes! Talk about an efficient team). Cocktail hour was a total success. The violinist, as well as the catering/cocktail service, were both amazing. During the reception, the food and appetizers left our guests speechless. So savory and delicious! The service was fantastic. All the waiters/waitresses were extremely professional and ready to serve all of our guests.

My brother's wedding was phenomenal thanks to such an amazing staff and management team. Thank you Metropol! Read More Testimonials