Quinceanera Venues Los Angeles

Quinceanera Venues Los Angeles

When you looking at Quinceanera venues in Los Angeles, California, keep in mind that the staff at Metropol can help you plan the party of your dreams. Let the professionals handle every last detail so that you are able to enjoy the party. Putting together an event can be stressful, with so much to do, attempting to manage it all on your own can be challenging. Even with help, it’s likely that you will have a full plate. Here are some tips for choosing  Los Angeles Quinceanera venues and planning a celebration that will leave you and your guests talking for some time to come:

Tip #1

Put together a checklist of all that you need to accomplish in the period of time leading up to your big event. A checklist may serve as a guide throughout the process so that you do not leave out a single detail. Your list can include shopping lists of items you will need for the event and deadlines. Setting a deadline as to when each task should be completed can help to ensure that you are not scrambling at the last minute to get things done that could have been completed months ago.

Tip #2

Consider the type of event you would like to have. Will you be sticking to a theme? What type of venue will you have the party at? Finding the right venue is usually just the start of setting the tone for your celebration. Once you have chosen one of the Quinceanera venues in Los Angeles, you can begin to work with Metropol to bring your event to life.

Tip #3

As the date approaches, sending out invitations in a timely manner can ensure that your guests are able to join in the celebration. Invitations play a key role in sharing the proper information with your guests. Your invitation not only communicates the time and place of the event, but also the dress code and theme of the event. It’s also important to require that people RSVP to your celebration. This will provide you with key information such as the number of people coming to the event and their choice in food.

Tip #4

Take advantage of our event planners and staff at Metropol. Our staff can take on much of the work and help bring your party to life. We are experienced listening to our clients and helping them achieve the perfect event.

Tip #5

Small details can leave a lasting impression on guests. Put together a specialty cocktail that guests can order at the event. This coupled with simple, yet tasty appetizers can go a long way with your guests.

Tip #6

Put together a budget. Having a clear idea of your budget is key when putting together an event. Not only will your budget dictate the type of event you are able to have, but it will also help keep you on track. Moving forward without a clear budget in mind may cause you to spend far more than you were expecting.

Whether you are planning a milestone birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding or company event, Metropol can help accommodate your unique needs. With our attention to detail and skilled, creative team, we can help you throw the perfect celebration. Contact us today to schedule a tour and meeting with a member of our event planning staff.

Metropol Offers Two Stunning Quinceanera Venues in Los Angeles

Metropol has two of the finest Quinceanera venues in Los Angeles between our Modern and Millennium ballrooms. Metropol is one of the most recently constructed venues in Northeast Los Angeles and was built to be a strikingly beautiful and modern special events venue. Metropol is the perfect backdrop for unforgettable Quinceanera celebrations, no matter which ballroom you choose.

Quinceanera Details and Amenities

Each of Metropol’s ballrooms has its own unique features and amenities. The Modern Ballroom accommodates up to 400 guests, is adorned with contemporary décor, and features banquet-wide LED lighting to augment presentations or entertainment. It has an 800 sq.ft wide dance floor, as well as an entertainment stage, two projection screens and a glass staircase that leads to the bridal lounge. It’s the perfect Quinceanera setup for larger families who want to have a lavish, modern celebration.

The Millennium Ballroom is a 300-person capacity event space, offering the elegance of crystal chandeliers, a white marble foyer, elegant drapery and wooden drop frames that surround the ceiling’s beautiful lighting fixtures. It’s the perfect Quinceanera hall if your family and guest count is smaller and prefers a more classic and timeless atmosphere.

Call Metropol Today

If you are checking out the Quinceanera venues Los Angeles has to offer, don’t forget to call Metropol to see how our venue beats all the other locations hands down!

Engagement Party & Bridal Shower Venue in Los Angeles

As two of the best Los Angeles venues, they are both designed to make your wedding reception unforgettable. Schedule a tour of our premises, or take the virtual tour online. You will be impressed by the interior design as well as modern technology. See more features below:

Venue Amenities

American food catering glendale ca
  • Fits up to 400 guests
  • Custom design, custom-fit chandelier
  • 5,500 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. wide dance floor
  • Two large projection screens
  • Entrance through the Foyer
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Glass Staircase leading to Bridal Lounge
  • LED lighting with custom animation

Learn More

Banquet Hall Glendale CA
  • 300 guest capacity
  • Blend of modern build and elegant decor
  • 3,500 sq. ft. with 600 sq. ft. dance floor
  • Separate entrance with water fountain
  • Lovely center chandelier
  • South entrance White LED lighting with custom animation
  • Entertainment stage

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