Los Angeles Wedding Venue with a Modern Decor

Los Angeles Wedding Venue

When looking for wedding venues Glendale CA has one of the best venues in the league. Metropol is a five-year-old wedding venue located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. With its modern look and first-class amenities, this venue is sure to wow your guests and make your wedding day feel like a fairytale. Out of the two different venues to choose from, the Millennium and the Modern Ballroom, either one will make you feel like a prince or princess on your big day.

Most girls dream of their wedding day ever since the dress up days during childhood. From picking out the perfect dress, tasting amazing cakes, having your best friends stand by your side, and looking at wedding venues Glendale CA provides, Metropol will make your wedding day feel like a once in a lifetime experience. Having the perfect venue will put your mind at ease, so you will be able to sit back and enjoy the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl.

There is a vast variety of wedding venues in Glendale CA. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best fit for you and your guests. The Millennium and Modern Ballroom are two great options, and you could use just one for the ceremony and reception, or use one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Other wedding venues Glendale CA have to offer might not be able to offer you more than one room for your ceremony and reception, so having the option of two different ballrooms is one of the many advantages to choosing Metropol for your wedding.

Millennium vs Modern Ballroom


  • Holds 300 guests;
  • 600 sq foot dance space;
  • Eye catching chandelier; and
  • Water fountain entrance.


  • Holds 400 guests;
  • 800 sq foot dance space;
  • Glass staircase; and
  • Light up dance floor.

Other Glendale wedding venues may seem enticing, but Metropol has a contemporary, yet elegant feel. Metropol understands how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, which is why they will help assist you in the details such as; catering suggestions, DJ’s, decorations, and florists, just to name a few. Metropol is an easy choice out of the other wedding venues Glendale CA provides.

The word amazing is used profusely throughout Metropol’s testimonials. Other comments include how professional and remarkable the staff is, the beauty of the ballrooms, and how accommodating they are.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Often, brides begin planning their wedding day far before they become engaged. Many young girls grow up dreaming of their big day and when it comes, they’ll need the help of a Los Angeles wedding venue. Although many of the details surrounding this childhood fantasy may not come to fruition, it goes to show the importance and primary reason brides painstakingly pore over wedding details when in the planning phases. The anticipation and build up during the wedding planning process can be incredibly stressful in the months leading up to the moment you walk down the aisle. Keep these important tips in mind when putting together the perfect day for you and your fiance:

Take Your Time

The engagement period is a magical time, one that you should take a moment to enjoy. Try to relax and enjoy this period before diving into wedding planning. Before you start booking a Los Angeles wedding venue, trying on wedding dresses and researching wedding photographers, carefully outline your wedding wishes. Taking some of these steps before you have spoken with your partner and really thought through the type of wedding you want may be problematic in the long run.  This can be counterproductive as it may result in changing your original plans.

Figure out a Budget

When planning a wedding, most people must adhere to some form of budget. Most, do not have unlimited funds to put into a wedding. Having a wedding is a significant expense. By sitting down with your partner, and, in some cases your parents to discuss the budget can help to set the tone for the type of wedding you can afford to have. There are a number of downfalls to not doing this from the start. Without a budget, you may find that you are planning a wedding that you are unable to afford. Luckily Metropol offers a wedding venue Los Angeles trusts to provide an elegant and modern feel.

The Type of Wedding will You Have

With the amount of wedding information out there, it can be completely overwhelming to sort through all of it. Figuring out the type of wedding you will have can be one of the most difficult things for a new bride. Will it be a formal, black tie affair? Are you looking to have something more low key? Would you prefer a destination wedding? This will set the tone for the type of venue you will have, the dress you will wear, the decor of your Los Angeles wedding venue and much much more.

Remember Whose Wedding it Is

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to a wedding. Stay true to yourself by keeping in mind what you and your partner want out of your wedding day and your Los Angeles wedding venue. It can be hard to have the wedding you want with a parent or family member who is taking over in the planning. Advocate for yourself and stand firm in your needs. Managing family can be hard, especially when they likely will have special requests or opinions about the decisions you are making. Keep in mind, it is your wedding day. Don’t give in to other people or agree to things that you aren’t happy with. In the end, it could take away from your ability to look back fondly on the memory of your wedding.

Taking the time to carefully plan your wedding will pay off in the long run. When you look back on the day of your wedding, you will want to have fond memories. This is why it’s so important that you choose the right Los Angeles wedding venue and wedding professionals during the planning process.

Choose Metropol

Though Metropol has only been up and running the last five years, you will never know that. Just looking at one of the ballrooms, and meeting the staff, you will think they have been a high-class wedding venue for countless years. The Millennium and Modern Ballrooms are sure to amaze your and your guests. It will definitely feel like the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. With the elegant feel of the venue, combined with world class amenities and incredible testimonies of past clients and guests, Metropol is one of the best wedding venues Glendale CA has to offer.

wedding reception venues Glendale CA

As two of the best Los Angeles modern venues, they are both designed to make your wedding reception unforgettable. Schedule a tour of our premises, or take the virtual tour online. You will be impressed by the interior design as well as modern technology. See more features below:

Venue Amenities

  • Fits up to 400 guests
  • Custom design, custom-fit chandelier
  • 5,500 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. wide dance floor
  • Two large projection screens
  • Entrance through the Foyer
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Glass Staircase leading to Bridal Lounge
  • LED lighting with custom animation

Learn More

  • 300 guest capacity
  • Blend of modern build and elegant decor
  • 3,500 sq. ft. with 600 sq. ft. dance floor
  • Separate entrance with water fountain
  • Lovely center chandelier
  • South entrance White LED lighting with custom animation
  • Entertainment stage

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