Corporate Events Venue Los Angeles

Corporate Events Venue Los Angeles

Sometimes, you just need to escape the office. If you are planning a holiday party, check out Metropol’s venues in Los Angeles. Our Modern and Millennium Ballrooms are ideal for blowing off steam and unwinding in celebration of Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, or other holidays. It is also a great location for award ceremonies, team building events, product launches, incentive events, and office parties.

But Metropol is not only for parties; you can actually reserve a room for corporate events as well. Have an important presentation, seminar, business dinner, or press conference? Metropol in Los Angeles will gladly host your corporate events, providing catering service (through our select vendors) , projection screens, and microphones for your convenience. The luxury and elegance of this modern venue will certainly impress prospective clients!

Finding the Right Venue For Your Work Event

Finding the right Los Angeles corporate events venue can be incredibly stressful. You must often find a beautiful venue, consider costs of catering and music, ensure your guests can access it easily, and make sure it comes with everything you need all within a specific budget. Unless you have been given an unlimited budget, this means planning things ahead to ensure everything for your event goes off without a hitch. Additionally, the venue you look for will change entirely depending on what your event is, whether it is work-related, for a wedding, a reception, or even a bar mitzvah. Below you will find useful information and tips on what to keep in mind as you look for the perfect corporate events venue in Los Angeles for your business event.

Tips And Tricks For Finding the Perfect Work Venue

  1. Getting the Right Dates. Especially with work-related conferences, your colleagues and clients will have certain dates they have set aside and this typically leaves little wiggle room for your Los Angeles corporate events venue. Remember, you plan your event around the guests, and then find a venue that can fit within that time frame.
  2. Find the Perfect Location. The location will be one of the most important aspects for your attendees. Unless your company or your client’s company is paying for travel costs, they will likely be taking the time, convenience, and cost of travel into consideration when planning. When booking a corporate events venue in Los Angeles, keep in mind its distance to nearby hotels and airports. Metropol is centrally located with lots of options for your guests and coworkers.
  3. Look Into the Venue’s Capacity. Remember, it is better to overestimate your attendees than underestimate. You want to ensure your corporate events venue in Los Angeles  provides breathing room and even overflow room if there are late registrants.
  4. Research the Transportation Options. Especially if your conference requires people to travel, you want to speak with your LA corporate events venue hosts at Metropol about the different options that are available in terms of transportation. If your attendees cannot easily get to your event, there will be many unhappy visitors. Many popular options are:
  • Metro or Subway
  • Walkability
  • Buses
  • Car Rentals, and
  • Ridesharing Options
  1. Ask About Your Corporate Events Venue’s Amenities. Venues often roll many items into your final price, but if they do not have what you require, you may be stuck footing a larger bill than what you were expecting. You want to consider whether your preferred venue comes with tables and chairs, catering if you plan to provide it, and even A/V equipment. If it does not come with these items, ensure you have room left over in your budget to pay for them.
  2. Get To Know the Venue Coordinator. A venue coordinator can make or break your conference and event, and if they are inflexible and will not help you with last-minute venue issues for your conference, this can cause irreparable damage to the event. At Metropol, we ensure you that our coordinators are reliable and that you can count on them should any issues at your arise.

Call one of our representatives to set up an appointment to view the location or inquire what other ways we can facilitate your corporate events. Check out this list of functions we host:

Engagement Party & Bridal Shower Venue in Los Angeles

As two of the best Los Angeles venues, they are both designed to make your wedding reception unforgettable. Schedule a tour of our premises, or take the virtual tour online. You will be impressed by the interior design as well as modern technology. See more features below:

Venue Amenities

American food catering glendale ca
  • Fits up to 400 guests
  • Custom design, custom-fit chandelier
  • 5,500 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. custom-lit dance floor
  • Two large projection screens
  • Entrance through the Foyer
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Glass Staircase leading to Bridal Lounge
  • LED lighting with custom animation

Learn More

Banquet Hall Glendale CA
  • 300 guest capacity
  • Blend of modern build and elegant decor
  • 3,500 sq. ft. with 600 sq. ft. dance floor
  • Separate entrance with water fountain
  • Lovely center chandelier
  • South entrance White LED lighting with custom animation
  • Entertainment stage

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