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Stylish Corporate Event Venues In Los Angeles For Special Events

If you’re planning an upcoming awards ceremony, company gala, product launch, fundraising event, or corporate party, Metropol can provide the ultimate event space for you. Whether your event is for investors, partners, or employees, they will be very impressed by the stylish atmosphere and five-star service at Metropol.

Besides corporate parties, you can actually reserve one of our ballrooms for company events as well, such as seminars, presentations, workshops, or conferences. You will find that any of our four fantastic ballrooms make excellent corporate event venues in Los Angeles. The luxury and elegance of our spaces will most definitely impress you and your guests.

Los Angeles Corporate Party Venues For Business Events Of All Kinds

From charity dinners to celebrations for new products or achievements, one of our venues at Metropol will make the perfect fit for what you need. We are happy to provide seating charts and customizable amenities to help your event have a great flow and be very memorable.

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Corporate Events

Since 2012, Metropol has been hosting corporate events of all kinds. With four different ballrooms each featuring their own distinct décor and style, there is something for every taste. Our corporate event venues provide an excellent space for networking, mingling, celebrating, and making memories.

Metropol Banquet Hall - Special Occasions Venue - Modern Ballroom

Modern Ballroom

Able to comfortably accommodate 400+ guests, the Modern Ballroom will make your partners, employees, or investors feel like VIP members. Its unique atmosphere includes a beautiful and innovative ceiling featuring a striking chandelier, LED light trim throughout the ballroom, a roomy dance floor, and a stunning foyer for networking and mingling. This is one Los Angeles corporate event venue that your guests will never forget.

Capacity: 423 Guests

701 S Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91204

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Metropol Banquet Hall - Special Occasions Venue - Millennium Ballroom

Millennium Ballroom

The Millennium Ballroom is equally as trendy as the Modern Ballroom. With upscale wood-framed chandeliers, velvet ceiling-to-floor drapes, a large dance floor, and a comfortable foyer with mirrored walls, the Millennium Ballroom makes a chic and elegant setting for any corporate event. We provide the very best in-house catering as well, along with customizable amenities and expert service for you and all of your distinguished guests.

Capacity: 318 Guests

701 S Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91204

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Metropol Banquet Hall - Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom

If your taste is a little more traditional, the Grand Ballroom features a timelessly classic atmosphere, with rich draperies, tall windows, and European-inspired décor. The Grand Ballroom also includes a gorgeous foyer, complete with fountains and a gorgeous high ceiling.

Capacity: 480 Guests

701 S Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91204

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Metropol Banquet Hall - Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom

If you’re looking for a smaller corporate event venue in Los Angeles, the Crystal Ballroom is ideal for events with a lower guest count. Although the Crystal Ballroom holds less guests than our other venues, it has the same stunning environment and décor with the same exemplary staff.

Capacity: 160 Guests

701 S Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91204

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Metropol Banquet Hall - Corporate Venue

Why Metropol Is The Perfect
Corporate Party Venue

Finding the right corporate party venue in Los Angeles can be overwhelming. You have to find a venue that is beautiful and professional; you have to consider what catering will be the most appropriate; you must ensure your guests can access the venue easily, and you have to make sure the place you select comes with everything you need—all within a specific budget.

Fortunately, our team at Metropol covers all of these aspects. We have hosted many corporate events, and we know what it takes to make them go smoothly. Our staff and managers are experienced, friendly, and ready for anything.

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Tips And Tricks For Finding The Perfect Corporate Party Venue In Los Angeles

Find The Perfect Location
The location for your corporate event will be one of the most important aspects for your guests. You’ll want to find a corporate event venue that is located in an easy-to-find, convenient area. It’s also a good idea to make sure that there are good nearby hotels for those guests who may be coming from out of town. When booking a corporate event venue in Los Angeles, keep in mind its distance to nearby hotels and airports. Metropol is centrally located, with plenty of options for your guests and colleagues.

Know Your Venue’s Capacity
Remember, it’s better to over-estimate your guest count than to underestimate it. You want to be absolutely certain that your corporate event venue has enough “breathing room”, and even room for overflow. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of an overstuffed room. Our banquet halls in Los Angeles offer a variety of sizes for your next event.

Ask About Your Venue’s Amenities
Corporate event venues often include many items in the final fee, but if they don’t have something that you require, you may be stuck footing a larger bill than what you were expecting. You’ll want to ensure that your preferred venue comes with tables, chairs, linens, dishes, catering, and A/V equipment. If the venue does not come with these items, make sure you have room left in your budget to pay for them.

Get To Know The Venue Manager
A corporate event venue manager can make or break your conference and event. If he or she is inflexible and won’t help you with last-minute issues that may crop up regarding your event, this can cause irreparable damage. At Metropol, we promise you that our venue managers and staff are reliable, friendly, experienced, and that you can count on us should any issues arise.

As the hub of four of the finest Los Angeles corporate party venues, Metropol is designed to make your company galas, fundraisers, award dinners, and other special events leave a fantastic impression on your guests. Schedule a tour of our ballrooms or take a virtual tour online today!

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818-241-5432 Booking Inquiry