Ceremony Room Los Angeles

Ceremony Room Los Angeles

Fitting Your Big Day into Four Hours

When a couple is planning their wedding and they check out ceremony rooms in Los Angeles, they discover that the usual length of time of a wedding reception is four hours. Many couples are surprised that the average reception is not longer, believing it will be impossible to fit all that makes up their big day in that amount of time.

The following tips will help ensure you fit it all in:

Limit your guest list: When there are so many guests at your wedding, it can take away from the intimacy of the event. And the ceremony room is too full. The bar is too crowded. There is no room on the dance floor. There is also little opportunity for the bride and groom to greet everyone. By keeping your guest list smaller, not only will your guests enjoy the day more but you and your new spouse will too!

Skip the buffet: Having a buffet at your wedding ends up extending the “dining” portion of your big day more than a sit-down, family style dinner does. Everyone gets served at the same time, there are no lines, and no waiting for meals.

You ought to be in pictures: Another big eater of time at a wedding is the amount of time spent on photographs. Traditionally, the time for photos was between the ceremony and the reception. This often cuts into the time the new couple has to actually enjoy their own wedding because there are so many photos that usually need to be taken (to keep everyone happy!).

These days, more and more couples are opting to do first look photos. This is where a few hours before the actual ceremony the bride and groom get a “first look” with the photographer snapping away. Other members of the bridal party and family members can also be present and many of the photos that would be taken after the ceremony can now be taken at the first look, which cuts way down on the photos at the reception.

Another benefit to doing a first look and cutting down the amount of time spent on photos after the ceremony is that it also cuts down on the amount of time guests are waiting for the bride and groom to “arrive” to the Los Angeles ceremony room and get the reception started. Typically, this time turns into cocktail time and if goes on too long, that leaves guests drinking, often on an empty stomach. This can lead to issues later on for those guest who may end up having more to drink than they should and don’t realize it. The last thing you want is for a guest to leave your wedding and get arrested for California drunk driving.

Schedule of events: A good rule of thumb schedule to meet your four-hour reception schedule is to figure it this way: Decide with your photographer how much time you will spend on photos. You will also save time if you forgo the receiving line. Many couples today decide to go table to table instead to greet their guests.

As far as dinner goes, if you are having a sit-down dinner in the ceremony room, figure approximately one hour. Buffets are different. The formula is two seconds for every foot of food (measure serving tables) per guest. If you have 100 guests and a 10-foot buffet, it will take approximately 30 to 35 minutes for all guests to go through the line.

Once dinner is done, it’s time to have fun and enjoy your wedding!

Metropol’s Ceremony Room

Here at Metropol we strive for excellence in every aspect of wedding planning and coordination.  Continuing our tradition of modern innovation, we are introducing our 180 person Ceremony Room Los Angeles.  In this one of a kind modern venue you can hold your wedding ceremony in one room and hold your reception in one of our two halls.

Giving our most discerning brides the choice of  having their guests not travel between different venues and instead enjoy every aspect of their beautiful wedding.

The Ceremony Room Los Angeles can accommodate up to 180 people and includes chairs and set up.  Our led lights can set the color and mood to any desired ambiance.

Call Metropol to set up a time to check out our ceremony room Los Angeles couples love!

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