What is the best event venue in Los Angeles CA?

What is the best event venue in Los Angeles CA

When deciding “which” or “what is the best event venue in Los Angeles, CA” there are a few major factors you should consider. Selecting the right venue can easily have a big impact on the success or enjoyment of the event, so you want to be sure to do your research. To best determine what is the best event venue in Los Angeles, California, reach out to Metropol today.

When to Begin Your Search for What is the Best Event Venue in LA

Don’t procrastinate, especially in markets like LA, you don’t want your options to be limited to what is available. The earlier the better.

To begin your search, have a good understanding of the following 3 factors: budget, estimated event size, and space requirements.

When it comes time to book, you want to be sure to make your reservation at least 4-6 months in advance, so that you will have enough time to plan other critical aspects of your event.

What to Consider When Searching for a Venue

  1. Location, Location, Location

Your venue’s location should accommodate as many of your guests as possible, meaning it’s a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or places of work or that it is easily accessible for those traveling from out of town, meaning it’s near the airport or hotels that will ease their attendance to the event. In whichever case, don’t forget to consider traffic, transportation, and parking options. Venue halls can be found throughout Los Angeles; however, not all of these areas may be convenient for your guests. Ask yourself:

  • Where are the guests coming from?
  • Is the venue hall in a convenient location?
  • Is it highway accessible?
  • Are there rideshare services or taxis available?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • Is the venue easy to find?

You might not find a venue hall that meets all of the above, but it should be able to cater to some of these needs.

  1. Parking

Does the venue have a parking lot or valet parking? In determining what the best event venue in Los Angeles, CA is for you, you will need to have ample parking for all your expected guests — but often, this is not the case. That means it’s important to consider nearby parking options. If there is no parking available, you’re not completely out of luck as you have a few alternatives:

  • You can reserve nearby parking lots for your attendees and either include the cost of the ticket prices or have attendees pay when they park.
  • Take a look at Uber and Lyft discounts offered for events. You can negotiate with them to set this up and distribute the promo code to your attendees.
  • Provide a way for attendees to share a ride or a cab with each other. It would also be a good chance for them to interact with each other.
  • You could offer valet parking for the event, even if the venue doesn’t. Providing a valet may be essential if the event is an upscale event such as a gala.
  1. Services and Amenities

There are a vast variety of amenities, and each venue has their own unique offerings. The best venue in Los Angeles, CA for your event will cater to exactly what your event requires and provide services that help showcase and highlight the primary focus of your event.

Good things to pay attention to include:

  • Does the venue have a kitchen and can it provide catering to your event? If so, often a venue will waive the facility fee and only charge a down payment along with the cost of food for each attendee. If now kitchen is available, many venues have a partnership with one or more food providers that you may be required to use. It’s good to check a venue’s policy well in advance.
  • Does the venue have tables, chairs, and linens you can use? If a venue has these items, you can save a great deal of money and effort by using what they have, assuming it matches your theme and ambiance.
  • Does the venue offer set up/clean up crew? Are they an additional cost? If these services aren’t available you’ll need to build your event team or find volunteers.
  • Is the venue set up for audio-visual equipment or do you need to provide your own? Some venues have plenty of options for you to use, and others will require you to bring that in yourself.

How You Can Choose the Best Event Venue in Los Angeles, CA

Regardless of the kind of event you are hosting, the venue you choose will be one of the most important elements. To ensure your upcoming event goes smoothly, it is crucial you plan and think ahead. Researching your venue hall options will be one of the first steps. Please consider these tips:

The Venue’s Capacity

As you begin to consider what the best event venue in Los Angeles, CA is, you should think about how many people you expect to host at your event. Guided by this number, be sure to ask the venue:

  • How many guests can you accommodate comfortably?
  • Does this take into consideration table space, dance floor room, and other potential floor decor?

A space too small will surely make your guests feel cramped, but a space to big might distract guests from the event and make it feel cold. If you are unable to find the right size, go for something bigger and ask the event coordinator to make it feel smaller by adjusting the lighting, furnishings, and decorations.

The Interior of the Venue

A venue’s interior will impact your event. Some venues are basic and consist of white walls, basic carpet, and standard furnishings.Others are not well kept. Your venue is a reflection of your event and your objectives. It will be a good idea to ask the venue hall for a tour of the facilities. While there, look for:

  • Lighting options
  • How the interiors can be modified or highlighted
  • Sound options

What Questions Should I Ask During a Wedding Venue Tour?

When searching for the answer to what is the best event venue in Los Angeles, CA, it can be easy to forget what questions to ask. It can help to write these questions down and take notes as you wander around with the wedding venue representative. If you have quite a few venues to check out, you can use these notes to compare each property and narrow down the best choices.

What services are included in the rental fee?

Not all Los Angeles, CA wedding venues offer services such as providing tables, chairs, tableware, clean up crew, etc. Some venue staff will be more or less hands-on, so be sure to ask what they can cover so you can hire others to fill in for what is needed.

Are rental fees different during the week and weekends?

Most California wedding venues are going to be more expensive to rent on the weekends. Some venues may be a little bit cheaper on Fridays and Sundays when compared to Saturdays. If you want to budget and have no preference on which day you have your wedding, you can opt for a less costly rental date.

Will there be other events on that same day?

If a wedding venue is very popular, they may have another event earlier in the day prior to your wedding. If staff have to work both of those events on the same day, you may get the short end of their attention and energy. But, if they have a morning and evening crew, this may not be so much of a problem.

Are there enough bathrooms for the number of guests?

Depending on how many guests you have in attendance, you may be required to rent additional portable bathrooms. As a rule of thumb, two bathrooms for every hundred guests or so is adequate, if not more. Your guests may not like the idea of waiting in line to relieve themselves, at the risk of missing something really special during your celebration.

What is the cancellation policy?

Before signing a contract, examine the fine print regarding cancellation policy. The best event venue in Los Angeles, CA may be willing to give you your money back if they have enough notice to book someone else instead. Depending on the venue, they may be more or less flexible on giving you the security deposit back.

Are there restrictions on the decor?

If you plan on having decor hanging on the walls or ceiling, ask the wedding venue representative their policy on decorations. If there are restrictions, then you may have to change up your original adornment items.

Are there accommodations for disabled guests?

If you have friends or family that are in a wheelchair, they will need a way to get around smoothly and safely. Inquire about alternative pathways at the venue, for those who have physical challenges. You can ask to do a walkthrough of these areas to confirm it meets the needs of your all your guests.

Determining What the Best Event Venue in Los, Angeles, CA is For Your Event

When you are looking for a venue hall to host a wedding, banquet, baby welcoming, christening, birthday, or other event, there are many to choose from; however, not all are exactly alike. Some venues are ideal for smaller gatherings of 30-50 people. Others are very large and better suited to an event with a few thousand people. There are also those which may be religious orientated or in areas that are not easily accessible for your prospective guests.

At Metropol, we know you may be asking yourself “what is the best event venue in Los Angeles, CA? Our venue halls have hosted hundreds of different events of all types and sizes. If you would like to learn more about our venue, please call us today.

To learn about our venue hall and what it provides to individuals, families, and event organizers, please call us today. If you’ve been asking yourself, “what is the best venue in Los Angeles, CA?” there are many things you should consider, but you can always turn to the professionals at Metropol Banquets to help you put on an event with class, elegance, and sophistication. Call our team today to discuss how we can help you throw the soiree of your dreams when considering what the best event venue in Los Angeles, CA is!

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