Where to find a party venue Los Angeles, CA community members choose?

Where to find a party venue Los Angeles, CAWhere to find a party venue Los Angeles, CA community members choose?


Planning a big event such as a work holiday party or other company event can be a lot of work. This may be especially true if you are having to do this in addition to your regular job responsibilities. Very early in the process you may wonder where to find a party venue in Los Angeles, CA that companies use for their events. There are many factors that go into ensuring the perfect venue is chosen for your company event. Being able to find a party venue in Los Angeles that accurately depicts the purpose and tone of your event while also offering a large amount of comfort and amenities for all of your guests can be difficult.  Metropol can provide you with the perfect space for your event. We have several rooms available for rent. They are of various sizes and offer a range of amenities. Our largest accommodates up to 400 guests. Metropol can help bring your holiday party or work event to life.

Our Versatile Space

Those who do not plan parties on a regular basis often wonder where to find a party venue in Los Angeles, CA. At Metropol, we host many kinds of events. In fact, our facility has several rooms of various sizes, each of which can be decorated as appropriate for the event you’re hosting. Some of the most popular types of events that we can accommodate at Metropol include these:


  • Corporate events
  • Sweet 16 birthday parties
  • Bat and Bar Mitzvahs
  • Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Cocktail parties
  • Private concerts
  • Anniversary parties


No matter the type of gathering, Metropol can provide you with a beautiful setting for up to 400 guests.

Things to Remember When Booking a Venue

Many people wonder where to find the best party venue in Los Angeles and that answer really depends on what you are looking for in a venue. When booking company events or holiday parties, you should keep a few different aspects in mind:

Easy accessibility: Your location definitely needs to be easily accessible. It should be relatively easy and safe to be able to get to and from the location. You should consider those who will be arriving by car, train, or airplane. If there are many people who will be driving themselves, you will also need to consider if there is enough parking available.

Lodging: When finding a party venue in Los Angeles, another important aspect to consider is lodging. If the company event is not taking place in the same space as the sleeping rooms, it is important to find hotels that are located close enough to walk or have an easy drive. It is important to find out if the hotel offers a shuttle to your meeting location. It also could be beneficial to find out if it would be cost-effective to rent a bus or van to drive a large group of people from one site to the next.

Budget: You should set clear guidelines of what your budget limits are right from the beginning so there is no misunderstanding at any point. If you find a location you really like, it may be worth talking to the venue to see if you are able to create a contract for a better price if you hold meetings there for multiple years.

Staffing: An important question to ask is if there will be enough staff to handle the size and the requests of your event. There should be enough servers, concierge services, and security to handle your group size.


Keeping these simple items in mind will help narrow down your search when you are looking to find a party venue in Los Angeles. The best compliment you can receive when picking a venue is that your guests want to return next year to the party venue you selected.

Party Planning Tips

If you have taken on the responsibility of coordinating and planning your office holiday party, you will want it to be an experience that your colleagues enjoy. When it comes to where to find a party venue in Los Angeles, CA Metropol has a state-of-the-art sound system and customizable lighting that can be animated. Celebrating at Metropol will provide your colleagues with the opportunity to unwind and mix with one another in a relaxed setting. Here are some tips for planning your company’s holiday party:

  • Take time to plan your party. Metropol can provide you with trusted recommendations for a caterer, professional musicians, decorators, and more. Delegating some of the responsibility to experts can ease your burden and help ensure a successful event.
  • Consider hiring entertainment such as a band or a disc jockey (DJ) who can generate enthusiasm and energy. Some DJs will also emcee the event. This can also be beneficial in that this responsibility doesn’t fall on your shoulders.
  • Group oriented games can help infuse fun into your event and encourage people to interact with one another.
  • Decorate the venue in a way that reflects the company as well as the reason for the event. This might include holiday themed food and drinks for your guests to enjoy

Our dedicated staff at Metropol can help you bring your ideas to a reality. We offer a number of venue rental packages to suit your needs and company budget.


Metropol offers one of the leading venues in the Los Angeles area. As you consider where to find a party venue Los Angeles, CA companies prefer, contact us today to learn why Metropol is the right choice.

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