Wedding Venues Glendale CA

Wedding Venues Glendale CAThere are many wedding venues Glendale CA offers for future clients, but one stands out among the rest. Metropol provides wedding venues in Glendale CA which are ideal for many couples from all walks of earth. There is a ceremony room, and two different ballrooms to choose from, and neither option will let you down.

Most girls dream of their wedding day ever since the dress up days of childhood. From picking out the perfect dress, tasting amazing cakes, and having your best friends stand by your side, it is a day you will never forget. If you are living in the Los Angeles area, there are many beautiful Glendale wedding venues that will make your wedding day feel like a once in a lifetime experience. Having the perfect venue will put your mind at ease so you will be able to sit back and enjoy the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl.

Out of the variety of wedding venues Glendale CA provides, Metropol should be at the top of your list for many reasons. We can provide you with the Ceremony Room for your exchange of vows, and two different ballrooms to choose from for your reception – the Millennial and Modern Ballroom.

Comparing the Millennium and Modern Ballroom


  • Holds 300 guests;
  • 600-square-foot dance space;
  • Eye-catching chandelier; and
  • Water fountain entrance.


  • Holds 400 guests;
  • 800-square-foot dance space;
  • Glass staircase; and
  • Light up dance floor.

If it sounds like our wedding venues Glendale CA couples rely on time and time again is for you, stop by today and let us help you plan your fairytale day. We understand how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, which is why our staff can assist you with the details such as catering suggestions, DJ’s, decorations, and florists.

Metropol is an easy choice out of the other wedding venues that are in the Los Angeles area. The word amazing is used profusely throughout Metropol’s testimonials. Other comments include how professional and remarkable our staff is, how beautiful the ballrooms are, and how accommodating we are to everyone.

With its modern look and first-class amenities, our venue is sure to wow your guests and make your wedding day feel like a fairytale. Out of the two different wedding venues Glendale CA provides at Metropol, both will make you feel like a prince or princess on your big day.

Choose Metropol

In the five years we have been offering wedding venues Glendale CA citizens can choose from, we have been in the forefront for many couples looking for a place to plan their big day. Our highly experienced staff is always looking for ways to evolve in order to fit our future clients wants and needs. Just looking at one of the ballrooms and meeting our staff is sure to amaze you and encourage you to choose our venue for your fairytale day.

The Millennium and Modern Ballrooms are sure to amaze yourself and your guests. It will definitely feel like the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. The elegant feel of the venue, combined with world-class amenities and incredible testimonies of past clients and guests, makes Metropol one of the best wedding venues Glendale CA has to help make a wedding day magical, so make an appointment today and see for yourself.

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