American Food Catering Glendale CA

American Food Catering Glendale CAAmerican Food Catering Glendale CA

Metropol provides American food catering Glendale CA community members enjoy and appreciate. We take great pride in offering phenomenal cuisine and supreme service for our customers. Metropol caters parties with the aim of making it possible for attendees to make memories that will last a lifetime. When it comes to Glendale American food catering, it doesn’t get any better.

American Food Menu Selections

The American food catering in Glendale CA that Metropol offers includes the most delicious selections of the finest foods available. We provide the freshest meat and produce available to assure that your event will be a success. Our menu choices are based on what is seasonally available so are subject to change but may include any of these delicious foods:

  • BBQ chicken (prepared by our trained grill chef);
  • Tri-tip;
  • Fresh salmon;
  • Beef or baby back ribs;
  • Prime rib;
  • Chicken wings;
  • Cheeseburgers;
  • Hotdogs;
  • Pulled pork;
  • Grilled portobello sandwiches;
  • Garlic rolls;
  • Selection of side dishes including cole slaw and assorted salads; and
  • Salads: chef, Asian, Caesar, Tuscan kale, and quinoa.


At Metropol, we respond to the wishes of our customers, and that includes food menu choices. As a result, we’ve developed American food catering Glendale CA appreciates. We cater all manner of special events and occasions.

  • Holiday parties for home or office;
  • Luncheons;
  • Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs;
  • Social events;
  • Team celebrations;
  • Weddings;
  • Birthday celebrations; and
  • Special occasions.

Catering Packages

When it comes to American food catering Glendale CA locals often like to take advantage of our catering packages. In addition to offering a full menu of beverages and fresh food, Metropol can help you plan and organize your event from start to finish. We can cater our services to match your budget. Whether you have a small group or several hundred guests. We can also set up your event, serve your guests, and take care of all the clean up details. Talk to us at Metropol about what we can do for you and what we offer for American food catering Glendale CA families love.


Depending on your desire, we can create a unique, personalized theme that reflects the event that you’re celebrating. As a compliment to the American food catering services that we offer, we can also arrange for a live band to provide accompaniment.

In addition, we can decorate the venue along the same theme. For example, if you would like country music and an American food theme, we can arrange that in conjunction with country-style decorations. Or, if you would like an American food theme with pre-recorded classic rock music and complimentary decorations, we can do that too. Talk to one of our Metropol team members about what you have in mind and we can discuss how to make that happen.

Metropol Caters to You

If you’d like to have American food catered for your next event, we can provide a customized menu for you and your guests. Contact Metropol today using our online form to find out more about some of the best American food catering Glendale CA offers.

Tips For Venue and American Food Catering Shopping in Glendale CA

When you have an upcoming event, whether it’s a wedding, a business conference, or even a bar mitzvah, you want to ensure you have exactly the right venue and the right kind of catering. However, these don’t always go hand in hand, and you may find that you have the perfect location but not the right caterer, or vice versa.

You can have everything ready to go for your perfect event, including the lighting, the DJ, and even the decorations, but people will always remember if your meal was perfectly prepared and served or if it was lacking in flavor and finesse. Below, the team at Metropol has compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind as you consider both the venue of your event as well as what Glendale CA American food catering options might be best. For more information or to speak with a member of our team personally, please call our office.

Tip #1. Look at the size of your venue. This may seem obvious, but determining the appropriate size of your venue is more than just knowing how many guests you plan to have at your event. It also means researching what kind of options you want if you intend to have people serving your meals. Your location may say it fits 200 people seated, but if your event contains all 200 guests and no room for servers for your food, the space can be uncomfortable and cramped. Instead, determine how you want your food to be served and what the recommendation is for how many servers you should have per guest. This can make the space seem significantly less crowded when you have your guests seated and servers bringing food in and out.

Tip #2. Speak with the venue coordinator about on-site American food catering Glendale CA caterers provide. On-site caterers can make or break an event. Depending on where you book, certain venues will only allow you to use their caterer. If this is not the best option for you, it means you need to look elsewhere for a venue that gives you the freedom to choose your own caterer. All-inclusive can also be a great option if you are trying to save money since their venue and catering budgets are wrapped into one. In other situations, you may be able to “buy out” the caterer at the venue and bring in your own caterer, but that is not a feasible option for many people.

Tip #3. Check out the venue before signing off on a caterer. The venue may fit all of your guests and servers and it may even allow you to bring in your own caterer, but you need to establish before you sign off on the venue and the caterer that the venue itself can supply what your caterer needs. If the electrical capabilities at the event venue do not fit the needs of your caterer, you will either need to pay extra to get them what they need or find a different venue location that has the kitchen and prep space that they can work with.

For more information on finding the perfect venue and American food catering Glendale CA clients recommend for your event, call Metropol.

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