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Banquet Hall Glendale CAHow to Choose the Perfect Event Hall Glendale CA Offers

There is more to event planning than simply choosing a great event hall in Glendale CA. However, where you will host your event can have an impact on every other factor. This is why it is so important to choose a venue that truly meets all your needs and expectations.

When You Should Begin Looking for an Event Hall in Glendale CA

The sooner you search for a venue, the better. Try to have the following things in mind as you search for an event hall in Glendale CA:

  • Your budget.
  • An estimated size of the event.
  • Your space requirements.

The event coordinators at Metropol recommend booking a venue between up to one year in advance during the busy season which is graduation and early summer weddings. Reserving an event hall in Glendale CA in advance not only gives you peace of mind in having secured a space, but also helps you to plan the remaining tasks. However, if you’re not able to plan that for in advance, contact us anyway. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing an Event Hall in Glendale CA

Location. Location. Location.

More than likely you have considered this. The location of the venue might reflect the type of event you are having. For example a local event might be suited to a venue that is near the homes or workplaces of attendees.If the event is drawing in many people from out of town, an event hall in Glendale CA near the airport or expressway might be beneficial. At Metropol, our venue is conveniently accessible to guests.


Does the event hall in Glendale CA you are considering have a parking lot attached to the facility? If not, is there parking nearby? What about valet parking? If there is no parking available, alternative options may include:

  • Reserve a parking lot nearby and include the cost in the event’s tickets.
  • Ask Uber or Lyft if they can provide a discounted offer for your event. Give the attendees the promo code and encourage them to use it.


It is important that you know the capacity of the venue. A 500-person venue will not be suitable for an event of 800 people. This is not to mention that overcrowding a venue would be a violation of fire and safety codes.


If you are planning on having food, you should think about whether or not you will hire a catering company or else prepare the food at the venue. If the latter applies, you’ll need a facility that has a kitchen and allows cooking. If you want to hire a catering company, make sure the venue does not have any partnerships with caterers with whom you are required to hire (unless you know that you want to use them).

Ask the event hall in Glendale CA about tables, chairs, and linens. If they provide these items, you will also want to make sure it will compliment your theme. Furthermore, confirm whether or not the venue provides the setup, take down, and clean up of the facility. This is not always available and could require that you hire several extra staff members.


Is the event hall in Glendale CA accessible to people who have special needs? Ramps, elevators, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms should be considered. If children are expected to attend the event, you should ensure there is nothing that could pose a risk to a young child such as open electrical outlets. High chairs or children-sized tables could be useful. With regards to accessibility, it will help to have an idea of who will be attending your event.

Tips for Booking a Banquet Hall

Whether you are planning a fundraiser or wedding reception, it’s important to book the right banquet hall Glendale CA guests will rave about. Metropol is one of the largest banquet halls in Los Angeles and offers a pleasant atmosphere for many types of events. We take the time to listen to your unique needs in order to help you plan the perfect event.

Follow these tips for booking a banquet hall that fits your individual needs:

Consider How Many Guests You Have

One of the first things you should look for in a banquet hall in Glendale CA is its capacity. Can it comfortably fit all the guests you want to invite without being too large? Metropol features two halls: the Modern Ballroom accommodates 400 guests while the Millennium ballroom fits 300 guests. We also have a smaller Ceremony Room, which comfortably fits 180 guests. We’re happy to work with clients to determine which ballroom will be ideal for their own gathering.

Find Out About Amenities

Before you book a banquet hall Glendale California residents love, you should find out the kinds of amenities it offers. For instance, if you are planning a wedding, you may want a banquet hall to include audio equipment and onsite catering. It may also be wise to choose a facility that has tables, chairs linens, and other basic items you can use so that you save time and money.

Don’t Forget About the Location

A banquet hall could have all the accommodations in the world, but if it isn’t the right location, it might not be right for you. It is important to keep your guests in mind when considering the location of a Glendale banquet hall. At Metropol, we’re located conveniently in Los Angeles.

Ask if There’s Parking

Another factor to consider when choosing a banquet hall Glendale CA residents count on is parking. Try to look for a banquet hall that has a parking lot to make it easier on your guests. If you are having trouble finding a banquet hall with parking, you may consider offering valet parking or renting out a nearby parking lot.

Consider the Cost

There’s also the cost of a banquet hall to think about. Try to find a happy balance between the cost of the venue and what amenities it offers. For example, if a banquet hall costs a little more but is located in a convenient spot for your guests, it may be worth booking.

Contact Metropol for a Banquet Hall Glendale CA Guests Will Rave About

Booking an event hall Glendale CA locals recommend can be overwhelming, but at Metropol, we aim to make the process easier. We are happy to give clients a personalized tour of our halls. Whether you’re planning a luxurious wedding or an action-packed corporate event, we love helping our clients create memorable events.

If you would like to learn more information about booking a banquet hall Glendale CA offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today through our online form.

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