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Just like its original décor, a friendly staff, incredible dance floors and reasonable prices making Metropol one of the best place to host your wedding reception, the food is yet another category of great quality. We have partnered with some of the best catering companies in Los Angeles and  have created a menu full of options that will make your taste buds tingle with cuisine choices such as Russian, Persian, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, American and Armenian.

Whether you book the Modern or the Millennium Ballrooms, you can choose between family style, four course sit-down, or buffet style catering services, depending on your preference. This is only one of the features that distinguish us from other modern wedding venues in Los Angeles, in addition to convenience and customer satisfaction.

Los Angeles. From sit-down dinners with four course meals, or Buffet style servings, trust the culinary experts at Renaissance with your catering needs Los Angeles. Ideal for all occasions including: weddings, engagements, birthdays, Quinceañera, anniversaries, reunions, corporate functions, summer backyard parties, and more.

Our top chefs and professional waiters are ready to go the extra mile in addressing your catering needs and working on the perfect selection of appetizers, main dishes, salads, desserts and drinks.

Family Style

Allows guests to serve themselves from dishes placed on the table. You can have the intimacy of a family dinner with the ability to try different foods and determine portion size, without having to get up and go to the buffet table.

Four Course Meal

Especially popular for formal weddings and corporate events, a four course meal is served by the wait staff. You receive a salad, appetizer, dinner/lunch entrée, and desert while the ceremonies proceed around you.

Buffet Style

Buffet style catering Los Angeles allows guests to eat as much as they please, try varying amounts of each dish, and go back for seconds. It also inspires guest interaction between tables, rather than staying at the same table the entire time.


Tips for Guiding Your Event Planning Process

Those who are planning an event, celebration, business meeting or something else, may be primary focusing on finding the right event venue and catering in Los Angeles. Event planning can take time, but it does not have to be stressful! Whether this is your first time organizing a get-together or have done this for many years, a representative at Metropol can help you find a space that suits your needs. We have been in the business of event planning for 5 years, and have a property that can host events of various celebrations. We can give you the tips and tricks to arranging something special featuring some of the best Los Angeles catering, whether it is for family, friends, coworkers or donors.

Know Your Target Audience

When planning for the event you want to have, one of the most crucial components is knowing who your guests are going to be and how many may be in attendance. Knowing how many guests you are inviting, can help you narrow it down to a few venue options. If you have an approximate number of how many people will be there, that works great. There is no need to know exactly, as the number is sure to fluctuate even within the days leading up to the event. Having a number in mind can also help while discussing the event’s catering needs in Los Angeles.

Decide the Event Date

During planning, you may find that you either have to be open with your exact event date in order to get the venue you desire, or you have to be flexible with the venue in order to get the date you want. Along with this, consider the availability of your guests. For example, if it is a corporate party, then many staff members won’t be able to attend a mid-day party during the week. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding date and event space:


  • When are the guests most likely to be available to attend?
  • Which venues have open slots for the dates and times your guests are probably free?
  • What is the best time for you and your planning team to host the event?                                  


A Strict or Open Budget

While it is great to have an unlimited budget, not many companies can spend as much as they want on an event. A representative at Metropol understands how important a budget can be for a company. We have multiple spaces available on our property that are open for rent, that may be able to match your budgetary needs. We also offering different types of catering at our Los Angeles venues. Buffet style, sit-down, family style: You name it, we cater it. Even if you have a smaller budget, there are creative ways to host a great event that doesn’t break the bank. Many people find they are able to cut down on costs by hosting their event on a Friday evening, versus a Saturday night. They may also have the time to do thrifty DIY projects, instead of buying items brand new.

Please call us today at Metropol to speak with a friendly customer service representative about the catering at your Los Angeles event. We are happy to talk with you about your visions for the upcoming event. We are excited to hear more!

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