Falling in Love with the Right Wedding Venue

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Your wedding venue is going to be where the celebration of love with your significant other shall take place. You may exchange vows, rings, hugs and plenty of smooches throughout your celebration. What venue you choose can have a huge influence on your overall wedding vibe and theme. Sometimes, couples get carried away with the opinions of their loved ones when it comes to making decisions about the wedding. While your friends and family are likely well-intentioned, this can confuse what you truly want for your big day. Here in the article below, we have listed a few signs that may mean you have fallen in love with the right wedding venue.

#1 The Venue Fits Your Budget

Falling head over heels for a venue that is five times more than what you have budgeted for, may set you up for heartbreak. Calculate what your venue budget is before taking tours of a venue. Many properties list their rental costs on the website, so you have an idea of what to expect and whether or not it is reasonably close to your budget. If a venue surpasses your budget and you decide to book it, that means other aspects of your wedding may have less cash flow (such as the photography, flowers, rings or even honeymoon!).

#2 The Venue Offers a Magical Scenery

Check out photographs from past weddings at potential venues. If the photographs make you swoon and you feel inspired, then is may be time to schedule a tour in-person. When visiting the venue, if you are already picturing how you want to decorate and where the first dance will be, then this may be the right space for you.

#3 The Property Matches Your Style

Every couple has their own unique style. Some couples are more traditional, while others are more casual and funky. The right venue will match the energy of who you two are as a couple. If you feel pressure to pick a venue based on what your family or friends want, remember that this is your special day and not theirs!

#4 You Have a Gut Feeling

If you walk into a wedding venue space and immediately feel excited, joyful, giddy and flooded with creativity about decorations, you may want to go with that gut feeling! Our body has a way of sending us subconscious messages when something is either right or wrong for us. Listen to your inner voice and if it is screaming for you to sign the papers, then hop on it!

#5 The Venue Team is Flexible

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of your wedding venue choice, is the staff. When taking a tour with the representative, consider what kind of customer service you are receiving. It is a good sign if you feel supported and that the staff can have your back if something unexpected were to arise on your wedding day. Having a team that can be flexible on one of the most special days of your life can help ensure that it runs smoothly despite any road bumps.

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