Modern Banquet Hall Glendale CA

Wedding Venue: Five Things to Consider

Modern Banquet Hall Glendale CA

When planning for your big wedding day, there is an abundance of decisions you will have to make. One of the main choices will be where you want to have your wedding ceremony and reception. Having your wedding party at Metropol can bring an intimate and romantic setting to your special day. Our goal is to provide you a Glendale modern banquet hall in which you and your guests can dance, eat, talk, and make lasting memories.

Finding the right modern banquet hall Glendale CA couples recommend for you is key to making the day memorable for you, your future spouse, friends, and family. When you are starting your search for a beautiful venue, there are many aspects you should take into consideration.

  1. – Location

If most of your guests are traveling from out of town for your wedding, choosing a modern banquet hall Glendale CA families enjoy close to hotels or airports will be helpful. Take into consideration traffic and alternative route options. For a local wedding, you may want a venue with a reasonable distance from many of your guest’s homes or work.

  1. – Parking

A modern banquet hall Glendale CA brides recommend with a parking lot already available is going to be a breath of relief for your guests, as they will not have to be stressed trying to find a place to park. The last thing your guests want is to fight for parking spots on the streets or in a retail store parking lot, which may be more than a convenient walking distance away. They want to get to the wedding venue as soon as possible, as they will be excited to arrive.

  1. – Room Capacity

You will need to know what the capacity is for the modern banquet hall in Glendale CA you choose, as you do not want to invite more people than the fire code allows. If the venue offers food and drinks, they may need a minimum number of guests in order to provide their services.

  1. – Amenities

If a venue has tables, linens, and chairs already available for use, this can save you a large amount of money by utilizing what they have. Ask your venue company if they have a cleaning service to tidy up once the wedding is over. This may seem like a minor detail, but is not one you will want to forget asking!

  1. – Ambiance

When you visit your potential modern banquet hall Glendale CA residents trust, think about how the area makes you feel. Are the lights really bright? Do you feel cramped? Does the style and architecture match your wedding theme? These are all questions you want to ask yourself to ensure your wedding flows as planned. The less an ambiance matches your theme, the more work you will have to put in for decorating.

How Can You Make Your Wedding a Success?

As a  modern banquet hall in Glendale, CA, we focus on making every event hosted at our facility a success. We work with our customers to ensure that everything they need is in place before their event begins, and if they need assistance during it, we make ourselves available. If you’re considering holding a special event, like a wedding, it’s important to plan it out in advance to maximize the likelihood of everything going well. When you meet with one of our specialists to decide which of our rooms will work best for your event, we encourage you to ask questions. We can also provide suggestions about things to consider when planning your event at a  modern banquet hall in Glendale, CA. Prior to contacting us, here are some tips:

  1.       Choose your music source and schedule the band or make the necessary arrangements. Bands are often booked well in advance, especially popular bands who enjoy a following of fans. If you decide to use pre-recorded music, make sure that someone is put in charge of that with plenty of time to get it done before the event.
  2.       Choose your menu and caterer or other options for food choices. When choosing a caterer, after you have narrowed down your choices to one or two caterers, it’s fair to request a small sample of their menu choices to help you determine who is best suited for your event. If you have a theme in mind for your event, consider choosing a menu that fits that theme. Not every caterer can provide a wide range of food choices, so be sure to inquire if they can meet your needs. If you are going to rely on platter dishes from the local supermarket, be sure to contact them in advance to make sure they can prepare what you need and set it aside. Be sure to ask the staff from our modern banquet hall in Glendale CA about our own catered meals.
  3.       Choose your table settings and other decorations. Party supply houses often sell decorations in bulk, and you may also find what you need online. If you order supplies online, leave twice as much time for shipping as you need in case the first order arrives and there are items missing. Professional decorators can be hired who will take care of these tasks on your behalf based on your choice of theme.
  4.       Choose your invitation style. Online event applications range from free to a moderate charge. However, traditional invitations printed on embossed paper with matching envelopes are a classic choice. If you mail out invites, send them out well in advance and be prepared for some to be returned and the need to track down current addresses.
  5.       Choose which of our rooms at our modern banquet hall in Glendale, CA will best reflect the nature of your event, and the size of your guest list. Many of our customers rent more than one room. For instance, one room may be used to hold the exchange of wedding vows, and another room may be used for the reception that follows.

Learn More About Our Glendale, CA Modern Banquet Hall Now

When you book with Metropol, you can rest easier knowing we can satisfy all of the above listed requirements. We can strive to make your wedding day flow effortlessly. We understand your guests will want easy parking and a location that is not stressful to find.

Call us today at 818-241-5432 so we can talk more in-depth about what you are looking for on your special day. Our staff members at Metropol take great pride in helping you organize a beautiful and unforgettable wedding party at our modern banquet hall Glendale CA provides.


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