Modern Wedding Venue Glendale CA

modern wedding venue Glendale CA

Modern Wedding Venue Glendale CA

When engaged couples are looking for a modern wedding venue Glendale CA has several different options from which to choose. Some of these available venues are small and ideal for family and friend gatherings. Others are religious themed and then there are those like Metropol’s banquet hall. With thousands of square footage we are able to provide newlyweds with a full-sized and versatile modern wedding venue in Glendale CA. If you would like to know more, please contact us through our online form.

What to Look for in a Glendale Modern Wedding Venue

Weddings are a special occasion that celebrate two people committing to spend the rest of their lives together. It is a celebration for all involved to remember and should be perfect in every way. When seeking the perfect modern wedding venue Glendale CA residents should consider various criteria before settling on a location. Some of these include:

Lighting – A modern wedding venue Glendale CA has to offer to newlyweds should be able to change the lighting according to tastes and preferences. Bright lighting during meals, dim lighting while dancing, and the ability to adjust the hues are all equally important.

Decor – No two weddings are alike. When you plan out your wedding you will likely pick and choose your own style of clothing, table placements, jewelry, and so forth. A modern wedding venue Glendale CA families prefer should be able to work with you and modify their interior decor so that it matches your wedding dream.

Sound – Any modern wedding should have an eclectic range of music and sounds. These should be presented on a sound system that gets people into the spirit of the event!

Space – Space is an important factor to take into consideration. A modern wedding venue Glendale CA men and women rely on should offer ample space for all those attending. On the other hand, a modern venue can also accommodate the gathering in such a way that it doesn’t feel oversized. Metropol staff will be happy to discuss your space needs during the initial consultation.

Catering – Your may wish for the venue to assist in the preparation of the food and beverages. A modern venue can offer a variety of meal preferences, drinks, and snacks. What you would like to provide your guests with is entirely up to you.

Parking – The last thing you want is a venue that has little to no parking spaces or access to public transportation. Metropol has sufficient parking and accessibility to ease the burden of your guests looking for a safe and convenient place to park their vehicle.

Safety – Metropol is the kind of modern wedding venue Glendale CA families can count on for security. We are located in a good neighborhood and your guests can feel safe.

Finding the Best Videographer for Your Wedding

At Metropol, we are often asked for tips on finding the best videographer for special events. Videos make it possible for those who can’t make the event to enjoy it later. Videos are also a way for participants to relive their memories. If you subscribe to YouTube videos or other social media platforms, you’re probably aware that not all videos are created equally. In fact, some are difficult to watch due to their poor sound, shaky camera footage, or other problems associated with them. If you will be hosting a special event and want a memorable-for-all-the-right-reasons video of the activities, below are some tips.As a modern wedding venue in Glendale, CA, we want your special event to be one to remember.

Hire a Professional

A professional videographer is one who shoots and edits video footage in exchange for payment. They might charge by the hour or they might charge by the project. Typically, it’s by the project and for added services they will charge accordingly. There are several professional videographers in the Los Angeles area, and they can be found by doing a search on the Internet. Feel free to ask one of our associates at Metropol, a modern wedding venue in Glendale, CA, for a recommendation.

At certain times of the year their schedules may be booked more than others such as graduation and wedding season in the early summer months. For this reason, if you are planning to hold an event at a time of year that may be a busy time for videographers, it’s best to contact them as far in advance. Here are some additional tips for hiring a professional videographer:

  •         Ask to see some of their previous work. If their portfolio is not available for you to view, or if their style is not to your liking, consider choosing someone else.
  •         Ask for a detailed, written estimate of all the services you wish for them to provide. If you need several copies of the video(s) copied to DVDs or other digital storage media, ask if they provide that service and for a price quote.
  •         Ask for a turnaround time and if you hire them, make sure the delivery date is included in the contract.

Make sure the videographer knows how to get to the modern wedding venue in Glendale, CA, and ask him or her what time they will be arriving. 

Do It Yourself in Style

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional videographer or one of your choices is not available on the date of your special event, you have the option of doing it yourself or having someone in your party shoot video. Either way, here are some tips for doing it yourself, but ending up with the best possible end result:

  •         Use a cell phone or video camera that shoots video in high-definition and delivers quality images.
  •         Practice with whatever device you will use, and practice some more. Remember that during the event you’re likely to be distracted and so if you’re unfamiliar with shooting video with that particular phone or camera, you’re more likely to make critical mistakes.
  •         Plan out the video ahead of time. Have a reasonable expectation of what footage you wish to capture. Know where you need to be and at what time in order to get the footage you want.
  •         Make sure you have more than enough batteries, charger, memory cards, or whatever you need so that you don’t run out. If you’re using a cell phone, make sure it has a lot of memory left. Better yet, if the phone has a removable SD or other type of memory card, be prepared to swap it out with an empty card.

– It might be a good idea to visit the modern wedding venue in Glendale, CA to locate filming areas, especially those with good lighting or backdrops.

As a Glendale, CA modern wedding venue, we, at Metropol, are happy to help you find the right videographer for your wedding. Just give us a call. 

Are you Getting Married Soon?

If you are getting married and need a place to hold your reception or other wedding related event, Metropol might be the ideal venue for your needs. As a modern facility with all the right features, we cater to events of all sizes. If you would like to discuss your needs for a modern wedding venue Glendale CA couples can contact Metropol as soon as possible.


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