Reception Halls Glendale CA

Reception Halls Glendale CA

Reception Halls Glendale CA

Selecting one of the reception halls in Glendale, California for your wedding is one of the most important tasks to accomplish on your path to creating a very special day for you and your future spouse and guests. There is so much more to picking the reception hall than simply taking a tour and signing a contract. There are several questions that you need answered by the venue staff before making your decision.

If you are able to, hire a wedding planner to assist you —  no, to take charge — of your wedding plans. Odds are this is not the first wedding they have planned, and it is not their wedding, so there won’t be any emotional baggage during the months prior to your wedding, leaving them objective and confident when guiding you through the decision-making process.

Is My First Choice Date Available?

If you have your heart set on a specific date, the first question you will ask, obviously, is if there are reception halls in Glendale CA available for that date. If the venue is more important and you can be a bit flexible on the date, you may be more likely to book the place you want. Also, the longer the lead time, the more apt you are to get the venue on the date you prefer.

Be Sure to Ask For ALL the Costs

Thoroughly read the contract before signing. See what the price includes and more importantly, what it does not include. Look for add-ons that you thought were part of the price, such as set up or clean up, linens, etc.

How Many People Will the Venue Accommodate?

How big is your guest list? Glendale Ca reception halls often have capacity restrictions imposed by county and city regulations, so it is important to pin down the amount of people you will be inviting to your event. On the other hand, don’t book a room too big for the amount of guests you invite. Remember, not everyone you invite will be able to make it to your wedding. Generally, you can expect that between ten and twenty percent will decline your invitation.

Does the Location Work for You and Your Guests?

If you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town, is the venue easily accessible from airports?  Are there accommodations close by? If you are getting married in a church, is the reception venue easy to get to from the church? Do you need to use valet parking? Is there enough parking spots so that everyone can drive or do you need to use shuttles? Is parking free or is there a charge?

How Much Time/Money Will you Have to Spend Decorating and/or Undecorating?

Some reception halls in Glendale CA are naturally geared towards wedding receptions and will not need much decorating. However, if you choose a more rustic location, you need to consider how much time and money it will take to make the venue look like you want it to for your reception.

How Does Catering Work?

This is important to ask because many reception halls in Glendale CA require you to use a specific caterer, which is okay if you like and can afford that option. Ask if you can bring in an outside caterer and if there are any additional fees associated with doing so. The venue may have a list of approved caterers they’ve worked with in the past.

Step into a world of wonder at your wedding reception by hosting it at one the most beautiful, versatile reception halls Glendale CA has to offer. At Metropol, our venues embrace the best of both modern and classic aesthetics, offer extensive and flexible floor plans, and are in a central, convenient location in Los Angeles. By holding your reception at one of our Glendale reception halls, you’ll be well on your way to making your vision for your special day a reality.

Each of Metropol’s reception halls Glendale CA guests love has its own style and unique character. The Modern and Millennium Ballrooms are both luxurious settings that will immerse you and your guests in beauty, but each provides its own distinctive ambience. You can choose which one is the best fit for your wedding reception or event.

About Our Reception Halls in Glendale CA

The Modern Ballroom is a magically futuristic setting that includes lush, white interiors, a stunning glass staircase that leads to the bridal lounge, and a backdrop of dazzling crystal LED lighting. It can hold up to 400 guests using several different floor plans, which you can adapt to meet your needs. Some of its other features include:

  • Customized chandelier
  • An 800 square-foot custom-lit dance floor
  • Two large projection screens
  • LED lighting with custom animation
  • Performance and entertainment stage
  • State-of-the-art sound system

The Millennium Ballroom is one of the reception halls Glendale CA knows for a more ornate, traditional look. Its warm, elegant space includes a fountain and white marble floors at its entryway, and classic dark wood frames surrounding its crystal chandeliers. The ballroom accommodates up to 300 people and has adaptable seating options for your reception guests. It also features the following:

  • A 600 square-foot dance floor
  • A beautiful, centrally placed chandelier
  • White LED lighting with custom animation at the south entrance
  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • Performance and entertainment stage

These venues are some of the most incredible and versatile in the Glendale area. Our overarching vision and attention to detail make them ideal and well-received choices for most all wedding receptions, as well as many other kinds of events. Whatever your taste, when you’re looking for reception halls Glendale CA events flourish in, plan to book with Metropol. We have the options to make your reception as individualized and magnificent as you’ve always dreamt.

Contact Metropol For Your Dream Reception

Are you ready to have an elegant banquet or reception, and to wow and delight every guest on your list? Don’t hesitate to contact Metropol to start planning today. We are sure you’ll find the perfect event setting for you among our customizable options. Get in touch, and one of our reception hall rental representatives will follow up with you to talk about the details of booking with Metropol.

Contact us anytime by using our online form to get started and to request a quote for hosting at one of the premier reception halls Glendale CA can offer you.



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