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Welcome to Metropol, one of the finest and most newly constructed wedding reception venue halls in Los Angeles and possibly one of the most versatile facilities available to host your wedding reception. Located in at 701 S Central Ave in Glendale CA, Metropol is home to two unique ballrooms, either of which can be used to perfectly accommodate your dream wedding reception based on your tastes and guest count.

Built in 2012, Metropol ballrooms offer a stunning, modern decor with traditional, luxurious accents. Our Modern Ballroom is decorated with lavish, white interiors, an 800 square foot illuminating dance floor, an elegant glass staircase that leads to your bridal lounge and crystal LED lighting that can transform the hall into the backdrop of your perfect fairy tale wedding reception.

For brides with a smaller guest count or who simply prefer a more traditional and timeless decor for their wedding reception, our Millennium Ballroom boasts a warmer, more elegant atmosphere with an entrance fountain, white marble-floored foyer, luxurious carpet and drapery, and drop-ceiling dark wood frames that envelop timeless crystal chandeliers. Both halls within Metropol juxtapose the more conservative and Romanesque decor of our sister facility, Rennaissance, also located in Glendale, CA.

Metropol offers a variety of reception venues Glendale CA community members are excited about because we personalize the experience for each event. Whether your occasion is celebratory, somber, or professional, Metropol’s Glendale reception venues can be exactly what you need.

Metropol offers three different reception venues in Glendale CA: the Modern Ballroom, the Millennium Ballroom, and the Ceremony Room. Each has its own set of unique features, and can be customized and accessorized to fit the theme of your special occasion as well as your personal aesthetic tastes.

Metropol’s Modern Ballroom

Of the many reception venues Glendale CA offers, our Modern Ballroom has long been a popular choice. With a 400-person occupancy, our Modern Ballroom venue is often used as a wedding banquet hall. If you have embarked on your wedding plans, you may already feel overwhelmed with all of the many details that need to be considered and handled. Our specially trained staff can help you. Our services include:

  • Wedding planning decorating;
  • Music and disc jockey recommendations;
  • Live music recommendations;
  • Catering recommendations;
  • Cake designer recommendations; and
  • Floral arranger recommendations.

Our Modern Ballroom features a dance floor that lights up and can be highlighted with an attractive and exciting strobe-like L.E.D. lighting.

Metropol’s Millennium Ballroom

Our Millennium Ballroom hosts up to 300 guests. The three-sided entertainment stage and dance floor is of an elegant and formal decor balanced with modern amenities. Wedding reception venues Glendale CA couples prefer will have a large, brightly lit, and beautiful room combined with the services they need to make their event a success. This is also an excellent venue for business events, seminars, award ceremonies, and family events.

Metropol’s Ceremony Room

Our Ceremony Room is perfect for smaller gatherings, as it holds up to 180 people. We provide as many chairs as your event will require. Depending on the theme or focus of your occasion, we can set the color and pattern of the L.E.D. lights to reflect the right mood. When shopping for smaller reception venues Glendale CA individuals, couples, and families often prefer the Ceremony Room because of its intimate feel.

Some couples choose to use the Ceremony Room for their nuptials and use one of our other venue halls to host their wedding reception. Talk to one of our specialists about how we can help you decorate both rooms to visually and thematically tie them together. We can also help you select music options, whether you prefer live bands or a popular D.J. As with other halls, our trained staff is eager to help you in any way possible. Discuss your needs and wishes with us to find out how we can assist you in making your special event a complete success.

Wedding Reception Venue Hall Features and Amenities

Metropol’s unique reception halls, the Modern and Millennium Ballrooms, are designed to provide slightly different atmospheres to suit the varying tastes of our newlyweds. Both ballrooms exude a high quality atmosphere, unique to other reception halls in Glendale and surrounding Greater Los Angeles. The Modern Ballroom accommodates up to 400 guests and has several available floor plans so you can make the perfect seating arrangements. The Millennium Ballroom is a 300-person capacity hall with a number of customizable seating options as well.

Contact Us

At Metropol, we’re dedicated to making your special event, fundraiser, or formal occasion the event of a lifetime. We encourage you to arrange a personal tour of our venues to see which one works best for your event. To get a price quote, you can also reach us through our website contact page, and get started by filling out our inquiry form.

Talk to us at Metropol to find out more about reception venues Glendale CA locals choose. You can be certain that booking one of Metropol’s premier wedding reception venues Glendale CA has to offer will help you design the reception of your dreams, and that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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