Crystal Ballroom

Looking for a More Classically Designed Ballroom for Smaller Guest Counts? Visit the Renaissance Crystal Ballroom.

The best venues compliment the tastes of the host. If you’ve been considering Metropol for your event, you’ve probably seen that it’s a very modern ballroom, built with contemporary aesthetics.

Additionally, both of Metropol’s halls accommodate guest counts of 300 or more. If you’re looking for a more classically designed ballroom to suit your aesthetic, look no further than our sister facility, Renaissance, also located right here in Glendale.

Renaissance not only boasts a more timeless aesthetic, but also has two ballrooms. While the Grand Ballroom boasts capacity for up to 450 guests, the more intimate Crystal Ballroom is ideal for parties with guest counts up to 140 guest. The venue is ideal for hosting more intimate wedding receptions, as well as events like Quinceanera, baby showers and other important family milestones.

Along with elegant European décor and familiar accommodations, Renaissance always offers its helpful staff of employees willing to go the extra mile for your event. We can walk you through our catering menu, filled with incredible delicacies, or take requests for personal favorites.

Renaissance opened its doors in 2004 and since has been helping guests plan corporate events, parties, and other celebrations. If you need any help elevating your experience from memorable to absolutely unforgettable, talk to our friendly representatives for advice.

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