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Things Guests Actually Care About During a Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, you are bombarded with decisions to make your wedding day “your special day”. You want to make sure the day is everything you dreamed it would be and part of that means making sure that your guests are happy with the day as well. Many guests have to travel a long distance, find babysitters, take time off of work, and spend quite a bit of money to help celebrate your wedding, so it is important to make sure things that guests actually care about are accounted for. Although most guests don’t notice all the planning and small details that are involved in a wedding day, there are some things that they do care about. By booking Renaissance Banquet Grand Ballroom Los Angeles, we can help ensure the details your guests care about come into fruition. We will work to help plan your day so your dreams come true and your guests’ needs and wants are also taken into consideration.

The Bar

Having an open throughout the wedding is obviously the preference for most guests. Even if you decide to have a cash part, at any point in the night, it is important to let your guests know so they can come prepared.

The Food

Guests are not actually that particular about the specific menu at a wedding, their main concern is knowing exactly when they are going to be eating, especially if they are drinking alcohol throughout the afternoon. It is important to lets guests know when they will be eating, as well as if there will be hors d’oeuvres or snacks provided during a pre-dinner cocktail hour.

Having Enough Space to Invite Them to Both the Ceremony and Reception

One way to make guests feel extremely uncomfortable is to have to not invite them to either the ceremony or the reception because the venue is not large enough. Most people would love to see you get married during the reception and help you celebrate throughout your reception. By choosing a venue that does not have a large enough ceremony or reception space, your guests may be very hurt.


It is not uncommon for the wedding party to take a long time taking photos directly after the ceremony. This causes the guests to spend a lot of time waiting. During this time, you should provide your guests the opportunity to get to know each other. If you have a seating chart, you should be mindful of having guests sit together who would get along together well. It’s also important to be mindful of where speakers are placed and so that the music is slightly lower during dinner and cocktail hour so that conversation can happen easier.

The Terrain

It is important to let your guests know about any specific terrain they need to walk through during the ceremony or reception. By letting them know if they will need to walk in dirt, sand, or rocky ground, guests can wear appropriate footwear or ask for help if needed.

Book Renaissance Banquet Grand Ballroom Los Angeles

By booking the Renaissance Banquet Grand Ballroom, our staff can help you remember what specifics to include when providing your guests information. It is important to make sure your guests are not just excited for the event but well-prepared. Contact Metropol to schedule a tour of the property.

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