Wedding Venues Glendale CA

Wedding Venues Glendale CA

Wedding Venues Glendale CA

There are many wedding venues Glendale, CA offers for future clients, but one stands out among the rest. Metropol provides wedding venues in Glendale, CA which are ideal for many couples from all walks of earth. There is a ceremony room, and two different ballrooms to choose from, and neither option will let you down. If you are planning your wedding and searching for wedding venues Glendale, California has to offer, there are many different options to choose from. Some facilities are small and ideal for families and close friends. Others may be out of your budget or in a location that is not conducive to your needs. Due to the many different circumstances that can arise, it will be in your best interest to plan in advance to locate the perfect venue for your upcoming wedding.

Most girls dream of their wedding day ever since the dress up days of childhood. From picking out the perfect dress, tasting amazing cakes, and having your best friends stand by your side, it is a day you will never forget. If you are living in the Los Angeles area, there are many beautiful Glendale wedding venues that will make your wedding day feel like a once in a lifetime experience. Having the perfect venue will put your mind at ease so you will be able to sit back and enjoy the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. Are You Asking Your Venue These Questions?

Out of the variety of wedding venues Glendale, CA  provides, Metropol should be at the top of your list for many reasons. We can provide you with the Ceremony Room for your exchange of vows, and two different ballrooms to choose from for your reception – the Millennium and Modern Ballroom.

Comparing the Millennium and Modern Ballroom


  • Holds 300 guests;
  • 600-square-foot dance space;
  • Eye-catching chandelier; and
  • Water fountain entrance.


  • Holds 400 guests;
  • 800-square-foot dance space;
  • Glass staircase; and
  • Light up dance floor.

If it sounds like our wedding venues Glendale, CA couples rely on time and time again is for you, stop by today and let us help you plan your fairytale day. We understand how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, which is why our staff can assist you with the details such as catering suggestions, DJ’s, decorations, and florists.

Metropol is an easy choice out of the other wedding venues that are in the Los Angeles area. The word amazing is used profusely throughout Metropol’s testimonials. Other comments include how professional and remarkable our staff is, how beautiful the ballrooms are, and how accommodating we are to everyone.

With its modern look and first-class amenities, our venue is sure to wow your guests and make your wedding day feel like a fairytale. Out of the two different wedding venues Glendale, CA provides at Metropol, both will make you feel like a prince or princess on your big day.

Choose Metropol

In the five years we have been offering wedding venues Glendale, CA citizens can choose from, we have been in the forefront for many couples looking for a place to plan their big day. Our highly experienced staff is always looking for ways to evolve in order to fit our future clients wants and needs. Just looking at one of the ballrooms and meeting our staff is sure to amaze you and encourage you to choose our venue for your fairytale day.

The Millennium and Modern Ballrooms are sure to amaze you and your guests. It will definitely feel like the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. The elegant feel of the venue, combined with world-class amenities and incredible testimonies of past clients and guests, makes Metropol one of the best wedding venues Glendale, CA has to help make a wedding day magical, so make an appointment today and see for yourself.

Once you have found one of the ideal wedding venues Glendale, CA couples trust for your upcoming event, you may be wondering how to turn your event into a memorable time for all of your guests. This is when an event planner might be a good idea. As one of the leading wedding venues in Glendale, CA, we have worked with a broad range of event planners. Our staff has also consulted with clients on whether or not an event planner would be suited for their needs.

How You Can Make Your Venue the Perfect Place to Hold Your Wedding

At Metropol, we offer different rooms, including two ballrooms, to host your wedding in. Although each of these spaces are comfortable and beautiful as they are, there are things that you can do to make your wedding uniquely yours. The following are some complimentary tips from our in-house event and wedding coordinators.

Add a Touch of Romance

Even with a beautiful venue, you may wish to make it your own. Make use of the space by adding your own touch of romance. For example, if you and your fiance’ have a shared fondness for a certain color, consider including it in your flower decorations or other accents. If there are any empty spaces, ask the venue coordinator to help you disguise them with lighting, plants, or other forms of decor.

Lighting Colors and Patterns

Lighting can make a wedding come to life and it is very cost effective. Ask the venue about the lighting possibilities, color options, filters, and patterns. Test a few styles before the big day to decide on a few lighting options that compliment the theme of your wedding.

Drapery and Textiles

The use of drapery and textiles can hide features you may not wish to highlight for your specific occasion, including bare walls or windows. They can also be used throughout the room to add in some texture, tone down any echos, or simply add different hues to the space.

Music and Sounds

Music is a must-have at a wedding. It sets the tone and mood, and like lighting, can make or break the event. Although you can ask a DJ to play random top hits, you might feel more comfortable by choosing a playlist that goes with your theme or that has some meaning to you and your fiance. For example, if you are having an Arabian Nights themed wedding, consider Arabian-esque style music.

Motifs of Your Wedding Theme

If there is a theme to your wedding, be sure to bring it to life through your invitations, place cards, napkins, tableware, and anything else that it would fit to. Wedding themes can be so much fun and leave a lasting imprint in your guests memories.

Now that I have found the perfect wedding venues Glendale, CA clients rely on, should I hire an event planner to help me?

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to hire an event planner, take a look at the reasons on why you should.

  1. You Will Save Time

If you are seeking more than a standard sit down dinner and want something innovative, original, and memorable, you will need some time to plan everything out. This is not as simple as hiring one of the wedding venues Glendale, CA locals depend on and caterers and adding some lighting and decor. You will need to coordinate between different companies and make sure everything is just right. Event planners can oversee all of this so you can concentrate on other important tasks in your life.

  1. You Can Save Money

At first you might think an event planner will cost you more; however, this is not true. Once your event planner knows what your budget is, he or she can work with you to save money. They will likely know different vendors who can work with a price and even ask for special favors because a relationship is already established.

  1. Your Event Will Look Better

Event planners know how to create something that looks amazing and makes guests feel comfortable and at ease. They understand why the angle of the chairs matter (yes, it’s true!), and will be ready to take care of all the small details that make a difference.

  1. You Will Get to Eat

All too often the host of the event will be so busy running around that they don’t actually get a chance to enjoy the deliciously prepared food. An event planner can make sure that everything runs smoothly so that you can actually sit back, chat with your guests, and indulge in one of the best parts of an event.

  1. You Can Breathe Easy

Event planning can be stressful. With the right event planner and one of the perfect wedding venues Glendale, CA provides, you get to step back, breathe, and focus on things you know more about. Best of all the work will get done exactly as you envisioned.

Metropol: One of the Premier Glendale Wedding Venues

The wedding season is right around the corner and many people are already booking their venues well in advance. If your wedding is coming up and you would like to book a with Metropol, please call us for a viewing, quote, and other options. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, charity fundraiser, birthday party, or wedding reception, Metropol is the place to go. Located in a convenient area, we have the space that can meet your needs for any size event. Metropol is a place for fun, celebration, laughter, learning, and more. Our professional team is ready to make your event a spectacular time. Call or email us today to discuss your needs and arrange for a showing of one of the top wedding venues Glendale, CA has to offer.

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